Google Maps

Google Maps


  • width
  • height
  • address: Address on which the viewport will be centered.
  • latitude: Point on which the viewport will be centered. If not given and no markers are defined the viewport defaults to world view.
  • longitude: Same as above but for longitude…
  • zoom: Zoom value from 1 to 19 where 19 is the greatest and 1 the smallest.
  • html: Content that will be shown within the info window for this marker.
  • popup: If true the info window for this marker will be shown when the map finished loading. If “html” is empty this option will be ignored.
  • controls: A simple array of string values representing the function names (without “()”) to add controls. Please refer to the Google Maps API for possible values. If empty the default map controls will be applied.
  • scrollwheel: Set to false to disable zooming with your mouses scrollwheel. If “controls” is not set this option will be ignored (because default map controls are applied).
  • maptype: Predefined variable for setting the map type. Please refer to the
    Google Maps API for possible values.
  • marker: Set to false to disable display a marker in the viewport.

Simple map with marker

Displays a simple map with controls and adds one marker. The viewport gets centered automatically.

[gmap latitude="47.660937" longitude="9.569803"]

Different map type

Changes the map type to physical view.

[gmap maptype="G_PHYSICAL_MAP" marker="false"]

Map without controls

[gmap controls="false" scrollwheel="false" marker="false"]

Map with marker and info window

[gmap latitude="47.660937" longitude="9.569803" html="Tettnang, Germany" popup="true" zoom="10"]

Map with address

you can use address instead of latitude/longitude.
gMap automatically geocodes the given string and places a marker and center the viewport.

[gmap address="Tettnang, Germany" html="Tettnang, Germany" zoom="10"]

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